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Monthly Archives: April 2013

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Manic Monday Markup 4/29/13…

…And the World: We begin today, in Italy, where over the weekend, the nation swore in a new government after an inconclusive election and two months of chaos.  The government, led by the Center-Left Democratic Party’s Enrico Letta, is a compromise across parties in an

Longmeadow Daze: Budget Showdown a Test of Political Education…

Longmeadow Daze is an occasional series reporting on and analyzing Longmeadow government and politics. UPDATED 4/28/12 2:02 PM: Previously omitted budgetary data has been added for clarity; Edited for grammar/clarity; New photo added. LONGMEADOW—Too many young people take little or no interest in politics.  A

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Manic Monday Markup 4/22/13…

Boston Beat: We begin today in Boston, where word has come out that the surviving bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is responding to questions in writing.  He sustained a throat injury at some point between the crime spree Thursday night into Friday morning and the confrontation

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BREAKING: Last Call Endures to 2 a.m.

CBS 3 Springfield is reporting that the Springfield License Commission has rejected Mayor Sarno push to close bars at 1 a.m. as opposed to the current 2 a.m.  The vote was ostensibly 3-2. The news first came through on the Twitter feed of the channel’s

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Boston Beat: No Markup…

Normally we would have probably done the markup tomorrow as the takedown because of Patriot’s Day.  However, we will not be doing the Takedown either, however.  Boston, an occasional subject of this blog, is of course also very dear to us.  Our thoughts are with

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Take My Council Please: New Police On Life…

SPRINGFIELD—A rather short agenda made for the rare short meeting Monday night as the Springfield City Council took up a few housekeeping items, albeit ones that will have a notable impact. The items were mostly financial transfers within departments and a few grant acceptances.  At-large

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Manic Monday Markup 4/8/13…

…And the World: We begin today in the United Kingdom where word has come that former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has died at the age of 87.  The nation’s first (and only) female premier and its longest serving of the twentieth century transformed politics and

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When Whispers Fall Silent…

Shortly after the Springfield area’s most visible and arguably influential media source became a potential benefactor in the area’s competition to build a casino, The Boston Globe lamented that the area was losing a key voice in the debate.  The Republican had promised to limit

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Manic Monday Markup 4/1/13…

UPDATED 5:23PM: New CT Political News on Guns. See Below …And the World: We begin today in Korea, it really does not matter which one as tensions continue to rise on the peninsula.  Today The New York Times is reporting that the South is promising