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PROVIDENCE–Once again Western Mass Politics & Insight has joined the online activist left, this year in Providence.  The proximity of the annual blogger and progressive activist convention to Massachusetts offers exciting opportunities for Massachusetts-specific topics–both Blue Mass Group and Elizabeth Warren will be here.

The importance of events like these bring people together from all over the country to trade ideas, makes friends and work harder to achieve democratic (not the small “d”) and progressive goals.

We are not here as press.  We did not come here to offer a curious insight into the world of liberals.  Rather, many of the panels and discussions offer important advice about how to blog better and have an impact.  Moreover, it should surprise nobody that our political sympathies are far more on the progressive side and this type of conference is a perfect fit.  These sympathies have led us to support Democrats over Republicans over the years.  Indeed, your editor-in-chief was both a delegate to this year’s Democratic Convention in Springfield and is active in local Democratic politics.  That said, it is critical to note, here in a city where municipal elections are partisan, we take VERY seriously the notion of nonpartisan election in Springfield.  This blog is party-blind in municipal politics.  We retain our values and our beliefs, but we take no position relative to the political affiliation of a non-partisan official.

We feel such a statement is important in light of the fact that some Republicans in Springfield government have claimed unequal treatment.  That will not happen on this blog.  Who knows, if you listen to us and do as we wish, we may endorse a Republican for a partisan office!  Indeed, our stated opposition to incumbent or challenging Republicans is based on their records and not merely their partisan affiliation.

In the meantime, we will be here in Providence learning and meeting new people from New England and across the country.  We will be attending Blue Mass Group’s forum on Massachusetts politics as well, so if you follow us, message us to catch up!