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Manic Monday Tuesday 6/28/11…

Yeah, yeah, but better late than never.

The Feds:

Michele Bachmann announced she was running for president again yesterday.  She had earlier announced during the GOP Presidential Debate in New Hampshire that was largely ignored by Bruins-following New England television audience.  For an irreverent, if vulgar, primer on the woman who may be Palin 2.0, check out Matt Taibbi’s piece in Rolling Stone.  Matt does miss one beat, which Bachmann has since lied about, with regard to farm subsidies.  The Los Angeles Times sets us straight.  Oh, and this about serial killers.  But don’t worry, she’s a serious person!  Serious person? No.  Serious candidate, God I wish not.  More on Bachmania in the future.

Madman Mitch released no statement about the debt negotiation talks immediately after meeting with the President last night.  That seems odd.
Oh, and French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde is the new head of the International Monetary Fund following the resignation of alleged creep Dominique Strauss-Kahn.  Hmm, hard to get too excited about that, however important that may be.

The State of Things:

Whitey Bulger caught!  Oh, right old news.  Well it appears that the former gangster visited Boston numerous times during his time as Charles Gasko.  Armed to the teeth of course.

Oh yeah and I guess Massachusetts will be going through with a continuing resolution of sorts to pay for the first 10 days of FY2012, which starts this Friday.
And it looks like legislators are finally getting around to curbing health care costs.  Gee, kinda makes all that union discord seem unnecessary now, doesn’t it?

City Slickers:

Some good news out of Springfield.  First, the city has received a $400,000 grant to clean up the Union Station area in preparation for the renovation, presently slated to begin next summer.  Although four hundred large is still millions short of the projects overall budget, every little bit helps.  Also MassMutual and Westfield State College muckety mucks have been tapped to lead the city’s recovery efforts from this month’s tornado.

In the less lofty, at-large Councilor Tim Rooke has taken it upon himself to issue the permit for the Cyber 777 slot parlor on Cooley Street after City Clerk Wayman Lee informed the council he lacked the authority to do so under state law.  Rooke continues to refuse to understand reconsideration is a parliamentary tactic not applicable under the commonwealth’s zoning laws.  Sigh, and he has been at times one of the okay entrenched ones.  The Springfield Intruder has a great round-up on the Internet Cafe nonsense.
Oh, and Palmer Renewable sued for MEEEEE-llions!  Jerks.

Twitter Chatter:

Last week’s budget meeting in Springfield was the first live-tweeted (we think) thanks to us [pats self on back].  However, much of the Springfield media do not use Twitter very much.  Sure all of the media outlets have it for the organization, but only a few Republican reporters and Paul Tuthill of WAMC have a twitter handle.  To our knowledge only Tuthill and Northampton Media ever live-tweeted.  Twitter is a terrible distraction in lots of ways, but can be used to get out some details of news early before being brought together in a fuller story.  Hmmmm.  No Springfield politicians have one either.  Lots of Northampton pols do, though.