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Monthly Archives: June 2011

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Sweepstakes Terms and Conditions…

Internet Cafe elsewhere in the Valley (Spfld Intruder) The Internet Cafe phenomenon in Springfield (and the region) continues to intrigue and test the limits of state and local law.  The trouble started when Attorney General Martha Coakley ordered Internet Cafes that were alleged to engage

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Manic Monday Tuesday 6/28/11…

Yeah, yeah, but better late than never. The Feds: Michele Bachmann announced she was running for president again yesterday.  She had earlier announced during the GOP Presidential Debate in New Hampshire that was largely ignored by Bruins-following New England television audience.  For an irreverent, if

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Love and Marriage in the Empire State…

New York State Capitol, Albany (wikipeida) Before New Hampshire and Vermont, gay marriage, or rather the kinder term, marriage equality was only made possible by judicial fiat.  Well again to be kind, the Supreme Courts of Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts and, for a time, California had

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Apologies and More on Netroots

This week we, that is I, missed the Monday Markup.  I do not imagine that the majority of WMassP&I’s loyal readers went into convulsions over it, but an apology is in order.  As you probably guessed from the post to that effect, I was at

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WMassP&I in Minneapolis…

From the Editor: From now through the weekend, Western Mass Politics & Insight is reporting from the Twin Cities at the 6th annual Netroots Nation Convention.  Netroots is a gathering of progressive activists principally composed of Internet/Social Media users.  That definition does not do the

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Manic Monday Markup Late Edition 6/13/11…

Manic Monday may end up coming in the later part of the day this summer.  Other obligations (and Internet blocking software) may prohibit timelier postings.  Here it goes.  This is sort of GOP Debate edition…sorta. The Feds: Rep. Giffords w/ her Mother last month (Facebook)