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Monthly Archives: February 2007

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Springfield is Booked…

At long last, a settlement between the Springfield Library and Museum Association and the City of Springfield has been reached. From the looks of it, the city is the big winner and the Association does not appear to giving much up. First and foremost, the

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Renovation from Square One…

The key to reviving Springfield and making it stand on its own is the maintenance, restoration, and in some cases, resuscitation of the city’s neighborhoods. However, downtown’s restoration is among the most costly and most complicated in the city. In my view, as well as

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Oh, no. 0-8!: Will the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up…

One-time Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney announced this week in Michigan that he was running for president of the United States. Meanwhile back in good ol’ bleeding heart liberal Massachusetts, Bay Staters responded with shock and disbelief. Allow me to qualify. Bay Staters living under a

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Not Boarding Up Yet…

Surprise, surprise. The Springfield Finance Control Board (FCB), will endure for another year. Much to this blogger’s relief, the municipal election will not be such that councilors engage in a footrace as to which FCB policy they will reverse first. Whether it is right or

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Well that was fun, huh? All that mudslinging and legal wrangling over the trash fee only to result in…a trash fee? It would appear that the trash fee opponents got what they wanted as all reports say they’ve claimed victory. But what was really won?

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Boston Beat: Truth in Advertising…

Undoubtedly, anybody worldly enough to be reading this blog must have heard about the scare Boston experienced this week over the strange little lit signboards scattered across the area, advertising the Cartoon Network show Aquateen Hunger Force. This little ad campaign, known as guerrilla advertising