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Little Boy Brown at One…

The late Ronald Reagan in 1982 (wikipedia) It seems fitting that the junior US Senator from our home state should have been sworn in so close to Ronald Reagan‘s birthday.  In case you were unaware, Sunday would have been the 100th birthday of Ronald Reagan,

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Though Passion May Have Strained…

Yoda (Wookiepedia) “Fear Leads to Anger.  Anger leads to Hate.  Hate…leads to suffering.” It is not everyday that the words of Yoda of Star Wars is quoted in the face of a national tragedy, but it seems that the George Lucas character may have said it

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Surveying the Wreckage: The Message from Obama…

Although it will probably not be the 11th, when most are reading this, we would like to take an opportunity to recognize that it is Veterans Day.  Unique among most federal holidays in that it does not float to the nearest Monday, Veterans Day was