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Springfield Council chambers

Analysis: The Rusting Rule of Law in Springfield…

UPDATED 9:17AM: For grammar & clarity. Last week the Springfield City Council stood up and demanded that Mayor Domenic Sarno (as well as other appointing authorities) fulfill their obligations and appoint individuals to dormant boards and commissions of the city. As important as that public

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BREAKING: Last Call Endures to 2 a.m.

CBS 3 Springfield is reporting that the Springfield License Commission has rejected Mayor Sarno push to close bars at 1 a.m. as opposed to the current 2 a.m.  The vote was ostensibly 3-2. The news first came through on the Twitter feed of the channel’s

Briefings: Can’t Read Their Poker Face…

On Thursday night, the Springfield License Commission continued its deliberations and in doing so delayed a vote on Mayor Domenic Sarno’s 1 a.m. closing proposal for bars in the city.  Sarno’s proposal had been submitted to counter crime, but during a February hearing, it was

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A License to Buzzkill?…

The Springfield License Commission is apparently prepared to render a decision in response to Mayor Domenic Sarno’s call for closing bars at 1 a.m.  A hearing to be held tomorrow night will include a “final decision” on the matter after months of controversy and questions

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Nightlife’s Last Call…On the Rocks…

SPRINGFIELD—Nearly thirteen months after Mayor Domenic Sarno first launched a crusade against crime by targeting the city’s watering holes, the License Commission began its look at the mayor’s next proposal, a citywide 1 a.m. closing time for bars.  However, unlike many city hearings, this one