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Briefings: Fired Up, Ready to Move to Springfield?…

SPRINGFIELD—In a historic vote Monday night, the City Council voted to approve a collective bargaining contract with one of the city’s major public safety bargaining units that includes operative language on residency. The pact requires firefighters hired after July 8, 2017 to live in the

Take My Council, Please: Gotta Keep on (Food) Trucking…

SPRINGFIELD—Emotion and politics ran high at Monday night’s City Council meeting as a labor pact with district fire chiefs failed and the food truck ordinance returned to committee. Both items faced months or even years of anticipation. The rejection of the labor pact with the

Take My Council, Please: Halt & Catch Fire Chiefs…

SPRINGFIELD—City Councilors here turned back an already-expired labor pact covering only ten employee in the latest battle over the issue of residency for city employees. The pact covered a four-year period ending this past June. That outstanding gap has been an impediment to future labor

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Take My Council, Please: Full of Sound & Fury…

SPRINGFIELD—With a light agenda primarily of grants, routine ordinance updates and some borrowing, the City Council trudged through its meeting, although disposal of the items seemingly hit a few snags, limiting what could have been a more expeditious meeting. A bond for school infrastructure and a

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UPDATED: A Budget You Needn’t Take with Prozac…?

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is a version of the May 19 story published immediately after the budget press conference, updated with subsequent reporting. The original post has been archived and is accessible here. SPRINGFIELD—Less gloomy than usual, the annual release of the municipal budget by Mayor


Take My Council, Please: What Have We Learned?…

Two potentially historic throw downs in the Springfield City Council chamber ended with barely a whimper Monday night.  The Council selected its president for the 2013 term and approved the first step of changes to the fire commissioner’s qualifications.  Both had the potential to get

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Letting the Firehouse Learn…

Since Springfield’s fiscal crisis began a decade ago, the ebbs and flows of financial distress have rocked few departments as much as the Fire Department. A critical department, it was often given short shrift by the Control Board, and continues to enjoy less public political