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What about Bob (McFarlin)?…

UPDATED 3/17/14 5:52PM: To include details of press release from community groups on McFarlin and his response to the release on Masslive. This post is the third in a series on the debate over Management of the Springfield Police Department. Since announcing how he would

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A Baker’s Ministry for 36 Court Street?…

SPRINGFIELD—It was not too long ago that Salvatore Circosta was on his way to the priesthood.  A whirlwind of events seemingly led him out of direct service to the church and to seeking public service in the city where he grew up.  The proprietor of

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A “Yes We Cannoli!” Challenge to Edwards?…

UPDATED 7/6/13 12:05AM: For accuracy. In stark contrast to 2011, the City Council election cycle for 2013 is shaping up to be competitive with numerous ward councilors facing challenges in addition to at least some competition among at-large seats and the School Committee. The Ward