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Take My Council, Please: The 2015 Rate of Return…

SPRINGFIELD—As it capped off 2014, the City Council formally and narrowly approved the tax rates for residential and commercial property following the annual deliberation over which group of tax payers were more in greater need of relief. On a 7-6 vote, the Council approved rates that

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Take My Council, Please: Side Walking a Fine Line…

SPRINGFIELD—A Monday déjà vu agenda consisting largely of repeats from the last meeting made for a relatively prompt hearing. Items that returned either were dispatched with remarkable speed compared to the pace that sent them to committee two weeks ago. Both the agreement between the

T.J. Plante

Springfield’s Chancellor of the Exchequer…

UPDATED 7/14/14 4:02PM: For grammar, clarity, and additional quotes & links. Welcome to the Sunday Feature: An effort to bring you lengthier, more in-depth stories on some Sundays. SPRINGFIELD—“More than sufficient, the budget passes.” Those six words from City Council President Michael Fenton on Jun

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Take My Council, Please: Overrunning on Empty…

UPDATED 6/4/14 6:15PM: The Springfield City Council gave final approval to the Putnam Bonds after brief debate. The vote was 11-2. More details here. SPRINGFIELD—Facing an agenda laden with some heavy issues, for the first time in a while, the Council stayed in session late

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UPDATED: A Budget You Needn’t Take with Prozac…?

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is a version of the May 19 story published immediately after the budget press conference, updated with subsequent reporting. The original post has been archived and is accessible here. SPRINGFIELD—Less gloomy than usual, the annual release of the municipal budget by Mayor

Longmeadow Daze: House of Clark’s…

Longmeadow Daze is an occasional series reporting on and analyzing Longmeadow government and politics. LONGMEADOW—By a huge majority, voters at the annual town meeting decided to restore hundred of thousands of dollars in school funding.  The town meeting, functioning as the town’s legislature approved the