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Briefings: In 2nd Hampden, A Werder in Edgewise…

The Pioneer Valley’s first legislative contest formally began today with a Republican announcing her bid for a Democrat-held seat. Allison Werder, the former President of Masslive, launched her campaign for the 2nd Hampden House District Thursday. The move comes several weeks after opening a campaign

Longmeadow Daze: Campaigns Pass You by, Glory Days…

Longmeadow Daze is an occasional series reporting on and analyzing Longmeadow government and politics. LONGMEADOW—Stretching along the Town Green, the preeminent social, creative and civic event (after Town Meeting) of one of Springfield’s most prominent suburbs offered a view, if at times an ironic one, of

Longmeadow Daze: Budget Showdown a Test of Political Education…

Longmeadow Daze is an occasional series reporting on and analyzing Longmeadow government and politics. UPDATED 4/28/12 2:02 PM: Previously omitted budgetary data has been added for clarity; Edited for grammar/clarity; New photo added. LONGMEADOW—Too many young people take little or no interest in politics.  A

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In the Rearview Mirror: Digging Down Ballot…

Nearly ten days after the election, post-mortems of the 2012 campaign season go on. Most of these, of course, focus on the presidential election. The Massachusetts Senate race, while destined to be studied for generations, was more or less put to bed until the White

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In the Rearview Mirror: Winners & Losers

This Post is the First in a Series on Post-election Analysis It would be hard not to read Tuesday’s election as anything but good in the country at-large and certainly here in Massachusetts.  The President won reelection very comfortably in the Electoral College and in

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Endorsements on Parade: Sliding Down the Ballot…

The moment you have all been waiting for, endorsements of offices in our backyard!  Beyond the “continue reading” click, our list of choices for competitive races in Greater Springfield/Hampden County.  Our apologies for not going out further than that, but a lack of resources limited