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Briefings: Gentile, Vega, others Take the Oath…

SPRINGFIELD—In a brief and modest ceremony, before a large crowd, Laura Gentile, an assistant Clerk of Courts and otherwise largely politically unknown, took the oath of office to lead the office for which she has worked for well over a decade. Retired Judge Brian McDonald

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The Primary Numbers: Clerk of Courts…

The open seat for the Hampden County Clerk of Courts has generated a lot of buzz and excitement among four great and highly qualified candidates.  This office is incredibly specific, although the range, breadth and power of the office is up for some debate. All

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A Candidacy from the Community…

WEST SPRINGFIELD—If you are going to run for office for the first time, it helps to have a base ready to line up behind you.  When Hampden County Clerk of Courts Brian Lees announced his retirement and Linda Stec DiSanti, one of four Democrats who

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Campaigning to be the Pro’s Pro…

Laura Gentile is not a politician and she says as much when she makes her pitch to voters.  However, unlike the vague declarations of Mitt Romney who offers vague explanations of how his business experience will translate into jobs, Gentile can explain the difference a