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Take My Council, Please: Sound & Fury Signifying What?…

For weeks now, tension has been building among city councilors over the mayor’s budget.  Even before Mayor Domenic Sarno presented his budget two weeks ago, many councilors were almost livid over the process.  Consequently, when the budget faced its annual scrutiny Wednesday evening, it was

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Take My Council, Please: Fee for Service…

This post has been updated to reflect confirmation from the Department of Revenue on the Hotel Tax. With tension high following last week’s release of the mayor’s budget, on Monday the Springfield City Council staked out its own position on the proposed financial plan and

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Take My Council, Please: Rules of Engagement…

The following Post refers to the 6/17/12 Council Meeting postponed from its originally scheduled date on 6/10/12 due to the death of Ofc. Kevin Ambrose on that day.  We apologize for the delay in its posting. Less than twenty-four hours before Mayor Domenic Sarno released

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Take My Council, Please: Historical Implications…

First, a note to our readers.  We apologize for failing to post on the last two city council meetings.  On balance, there was not much lost in our failure, however, we still regret our failure.  There is at least one issue that merited some further

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Take My Council, Please: Pushing Paper…

Every now and then the Springfield City Council assembles and does little more than ministerial duties dressed up as discretionary acts.  For example, the city cannot accept a grant or money outside of its own tax base or consistent with a general state law unless

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Testing Home Rule…

Legislators, aides and union officials at Friday’s Meeting (WMassP&I) With city schools already more than a week behind schedule and many students still living in temporary housing after last year’s tornado, Springfield City Councilors and the city’s Beacon Hill delegation are looking to delay the