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Our One Hundredth: Leveraging a Position in Hampshire County…

Our One Hundredth is an occasional series on Massachusetts’s US Senate Elections. WILLIAMSBURG—The candidates for the Democratic US Senate nomination have been barnstorming the state since the race erupted last September. At this stage, neither have ceded territory favorable to the other, but patterns of

Markey Brings Green New Deal to the 413 for a Reboot…

NORTHAMPTON—United States Senator Ed Markey brought the Green New Deal to the 413 to build popular support for the proposals underlying goals. Markey introduced the ambitious climate manifesto alongside New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez earlier this year. Since then, it has started a conversation, but


Take My Council, Please: Plastic to the People…

SPRINGFIELD—The bill that would bar retailers from distributing plastic bags had been cruising for passage two weeks ago. But on Monday night, concerns—some fresh, others riper—and public confusion about the ordinance bogged it down before final passage. On another level the sudden surge of unsureness

In Amherst, the Wisdom or the Swan Song of Solomon…?

UPDATED 5/1/18 2:12PM: To issue a correction and  for accuracy. This article inaccurately stated non-Democrats could not join the House Dem caucus. It is, in fact, possible. AMHERST—Two years ago, Ellen Story uncorked 25 years of pent-up Democratic ambition. Hampshire County’s largest community and the