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Category Archives: Mass. Special Senate Race 2013

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Endorsements on Parade: Markey Your Ballot…

In less than three and a half years, Massachusetts has experienced no fewer than three US Senate elections.  The first came about when Ted Kennedy died.  The second was for a new term in his seat.  Now we are the throws of the third  brought

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Our One Hundredth: Debating Occidental Massachusetts…

SPRINGFIELD—It is a rare event in a Massachusetts Senate race between a largely liberal Democrat and a self-styled “New” Republican that Tea Party Kentucky Senator Rand Paul drew praise from both sides.  However, that and a few other moments aside, Democratic Congressman Ed Markey and

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Our One Hundredth: Beyond the Ghost of Martha’s Campaign…

As can be expected, the national media and to a far lesser extent the Massachusetts media, have made the special Senate election to replace John Kerry a horse race or even Martha II.  Despite history and solid evidence that the factors which elected Scott Brown

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Our One Hundredth: Voting for Elephants…

UPDATED 3/4/13 11:47PM: For grammar and clarity Could it be? Do Republicans have an honest to God race on their hands to nominate a candidate for the special Senate election?  With three candidates remarkably well exceeding the 10,000, the Republican will have a battle among

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Our One Hundredth: The Lynchpins of the Race…

UPDATED 2/5/2013 1:35PM: For accuracy on Cong. Lynch’s position on abortion. A previous version of this post linked to articles, since unlinked, that had yet to reflect clarification on Lynch’s position. As South Boston Congressman Stephen Lynch pressed the flesh with area pols, gabbed with

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A Worthy Loss for a Greater Good…

Think for a moment, that we could, had history gone just a bit differently, be in the final days of President John Kerry’s second term. History did not move that way, after a malicious campaign, but fate would deliver no less honor to the career