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A Note to Our Readers: Mass Dems Convention 2018

Media literacy (and its flip side media transparency) is one of the most underappreciated aspects of our political landscape today. In many way, it is something that the 2016 election pushed to the fore, with, in my opinion, devastating results. That doesn’t just mean the

Springfield City Hall

Endorsements on Parade: Springfield School Committee Referrals 2017…

The School Committee’s at-large vacancy is the first one since ward representation began. With schools and their reputation a perennial problem—fairly or not—for the city, this position has a great deal of import. Moreover, the School Committee controls nearly 2/3 of the city budget, giving

Springfield Council chambers

Endorsements on Parade: Effective Council in Springfield 2017…

Springfield has a unique opportunity with so many open seats, all at-large, in this year’s election. It represents a paradigm shift away from the pre-ward representation Council. With nearly all of the (incorrect) institutional memory about the Council’s weakness fading, there is a real possibility

Endorsements on Parade: What Council Holyoke Should Keep in 2017…

Holyoke faces a unique set of choices this election cycle. It is dropping two at-large council seats. The ward seats increasingly, are where the city’s minority population finds its strongest voices. However, this transition comes at an inflection point in Holyoke politics. The mayor’s race

Editorial: Cruelty of DACA Caprice a Problem for Us All…

Tuesday brought only the latest proof that Donald Trump, ever the provocateur and real estate tycoon, hasn’t the public interest at heart nor even the stones to stand by his chicanery. His administration announced it would terminate—maybe, more on that in a moment—the Deferred Action