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Richard Neal

Briefings: Neal & Committee Prevail in Court Again in Trump Tax Quest…

With the clock possibly ticking down on his party’s majority, a Washington appeals court has ruled House Ways & Means Chairman Richard Neal has a right to Donald Trump’s tax returns. The decision was the latest turn in a three year quest to obtain the real estate tycoon and provocateur’s tax records.

Prettyman Courthouse

Briefings: Trump Tax Case Scheduled for March Appellate Showdown…

The quest for Donald Trump’s tax returns will face its next test in March before a panel of federal appellate judges. Lawyers for Trump and the House Committee on Ways & Means will joust over the former’s appeal of a December district ruling that found the committee could review the records.

Holyoke Soldiers' Home

Judge Cans Indictment of Former Super & Top Doc at Soldiers’ Home…

The saga at the Holyoke Soldier’s Home took another sharp turn Monday after the indictment against the facility’s former superintendent and medical director disintegrated. Hampden County Superior Court Judge Edward McDonough, Jr. granted former Soldiers’ Home super Bennett Walsh and Dr. David Clinton’s motions to dismiss the indictments against them.