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Barack in the Game…

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO REGISTER TO VOTE IN MASSACHUSETTS. There is little question in our minds that President Barack Obama thoroughly beat former Governor Mitt Romney last night.  He not only exposed Romney’s vagueness and extreme plans, he defended his

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Our One Hundredth: On to the General…

Democrat Elizabeth Warren officially cleared the field for United States Senate and avoided a primary with her only remaining challenger, Middleton Immigration Attorney Marissa DeFranco.  Although as early as Saturday, John Walsh, the party’s state chairman, said he expected DeFranco to make it onto the

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A Day for Massachusetts Political News…

**UPDATE** Andrea Nuciforo responds to Olver’s Retirement While two out of three of the notes that we are about to bring to you are Senate related, it would not seme to do any justice to just lump them as an edition of Our One Hundredth.

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Our One Hundredth: Senate Politics for Breakfast…

(WMassP&I) CHICOPEE–At a handful of tables in the Knights of Columbus hall, Democrats in Western Massachusetts’ second largest city, scarfed down a breakfast of eggs, bacon and other staples and presented their own Democrat of the year award.  Area political luminaries were present including the

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Our One Hundredth: Pikachu and Scott Brown, Posers All…

Pikachu’s Pose/Taunt in SSBM (Youtube) There’s a bonus in the Gamecube video game Super Smash Bros. Melee (and its sequel) called Poser Poseur.  You earn it if you push your taunt/pose button immediately after another player (or the computer) has just done the same.  To

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Our One Hundredth: A Little Lowell Lovin’…

With the field more or less set, Democrats vying for their party’s nomination to challenge Scott Brown debated for the first time at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell this evening.  The debate was moderated by UMASS-Lowell Chancellor and former representative Martin Meehan with questions from a student