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Monthly Archives: March 2015

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Manic Monday Markup 3/9/15…

…And the World: We begin today in Syria, where the Islamic State appears both on the ropes and not. US-led forced bombed a key refinery and in neighboring Iraq, pro-government forces are gaining ground as well. The setbacks appear to be undermining IS from within according to


Take My Council, Please: We Didn’t Start the Fire…

UPDATED 9:52 PM: NEPR reports confirm Mayor Sarno has signed the casino ethics ordinance. SPRINGFIELD—Amid some uncertainty about details in the new contract, approval of the city’s pact with its firefighters—the first in years—was nearly derailed as officials scrambled to secure the details. While ultimately

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Manic Monday Markup 3/2/15…

UPDATED 3/4/15 3:26PM: For a correction. Slain Russian opposition leader’s name is Nemtsov, not Nemstov. …And the World: We begin today in Russia, where thousands marched in memory of slain opposition leader Boris Nemtsov. Although no longer the pivotal figure he once was among opponents