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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Editorial: Perhaps Rail Can at Last Bridge East & West…

January is bill-filing time at the Massachusetts legislature and area lawmakers, including the newest ones were busy. It is too soon to declare any bill a success—they must pass first—but one piece of legislation Senator Eric Lesser filed has potential beyond the meaning of its

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After 10 Years, It Is Truly Mitt Night in America…

And so it came to pass. The epic goes unfinished. Troy did not fall. Turnus was not slain. Thus another story came to be. The White Whale escaped. Gatsby is dead…or at least his political career is. Today former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 Republican presidential

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Manic Monday Markup 1/26/15…

…And the World: We begin today in Greece, where Alexis Tsipras, the leader of the leftist Syriza party has won yesterday’s Greek election by a commanding margin. Though insufficient to form a majority on his own, the Independent Greek party has agreed to support him

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Briefings: Aiding Springfield’s Representatives in 2015…

Springfield Representative Jose Tosado announced his district office location and his aide this week, rounding out the staffing for the area’s new legislators. Tosado, like fellow freshman rep Carlos Gonzalez, hired one individual to assist with constituent services and legislative matters. Most members of the

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Tardy Tuesday Takedown 1/20/15…

…And the World: We begin today in Yemen, where Houthi rebels have taken the presidential palace, sounding a warning to the Western-backed president. A truce between the rebels and the government has collapsed. The New York Times tells us who the Houthis are. The Islamic State

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Editorial: Doth the Mayor Protest Too Much…or Not Enough…?

Leave it our mayor to occupy two perhaps diametrically opposed planes at the same time. This week Mayor Domenic Sarno criticized social service agencies’ placement of poor families—homeless in hotels—in several apartment buildings throughout the city. It was reminiscent of, though distinct from, his complaints

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Briefings: The Congressional Shuffle Comes to Western Mass…

UPDATED 1/14/15 12:38AM: To reflect additional staff changes involving another former Western Mass Warren campaign staffer. United States Senator Elizabeth Warren was not on the ballot last year, but that has not spared her office some of the shifting and transfers that normally come when


Take My Council, Please: An Opening Bet for the Public’s Trust…

SPRINGFIELD—A cautious, but generally supportive City Council approved the first step of a casino ethics ordinance Monday evening signaling more debate, discussion and possible amendment in the weeks ahead. Ward 2 Councilor Michael Fenton, the body’s president, and Ward 7 Councilor Timothy Allen introduced the