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Monthly Archives: October 2012

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Our One Hundredth: Traitor to the Cause…

There was more than hint of irony when Senator Scott Brown announced he had the support of Springfield’s former mayor Charles Ryan. Over the last fifteen years Ryan had presided over the city’s troubled finances, but also worked to preserve its libraries. In endorsing Brown,

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Tardy Tuesday Takedown 10/9/12…

 …And the World: We begin today in Israel, where Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced new elections, probably for February.  Although the Knesset’s term does not expire until next fall, the government’s inability to reach a budget agreement requires earlier elections.  The elections come after an

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Manic Monday Markup 10/1/12…

…And the World: We begin today in Venezuela, which will holds its presidential election next Sunday.  Incumbent Hugo Chavez is facing Henrique Capriles, who is backed by more than 30 opposition parties.  Capriles rallied supporters this weekend in a huge event in Caracas.  The rally