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Monthly Archives: October 2010

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Endorsements on Parade: Neal Gets our Seal of Approval…

Rock stars seldom come to Springfield, but between the screaming fans, packed seats, and the music of the Black Eyed Peas and the Dropkick Murphys, you would never know it.  Governor Deval Patrick and everybody on down in the Springfield area Democratic party were there,

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Endorsements on Parade: We Giveth the Governor…

Of all the races we never thought our endorsement would lead to this.  However, fearful that we would repeat our 2006 non-endorsement, we have decided to become a big blog and pick somebody.  Our choice, may surprise you.  First why we did not pick the

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Welcome to

After four years we’ve made the move.  No longer holding onto Mommy Google’s hand, we are free and on our own (still published with the help of Google, but whatever).  Today marks a new day for Western Mass Politics and Insight.  Now, we have our own

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The Governor Taketh Away: The Other Guy (and Gal)…

A new poll released by Suffolk University shows that voters in Massachusetts are moving away from the third party candidates and toward the Republican and Democratic nominees Charlie Baker and Deval Patrick.  This news does not bode well for Democrat turned Independent Treasurer Tim Cahill

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A Library of Their Own…

The Springfield City Council.  A body informal by style, but governed by procedure, the Council experienced a paramount shift in the way that it is composed and by extension how it operates.  City Council President Jose Tosado, announced changes in the structure of committees earlier