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Monthly Archives: December 2007

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The Year in Springfield 2007…

The year 2007 was a bit nicer to Springfield than past years had been. It was a year of bitter electoral upsets and tragic death, but it was also a time of signaling economic renewal and changing times. The year opened with the inauguration of

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Western Mass Pakistani Insight…

Benazir Bhutto 1953-2007 The Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the world was shaken when news broke of the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. The charismatic moderate political leader was murdered after an election rally when the killer shot her and detonated a

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Have Some Double Dip…

I hope everybody had a good Christmas. This year WMassP&I forewent a Christmas message. We’ll be saving the preachy stuff for another day. During this week-long pre-Christmas hiatus, WMassP&I was thinking about some of the doings at the last Finance Control Board meeting. The meeting

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Back to School, Speak-Out Style…

Today the Finance Control Board held its last formal meeting of 2007 beginning with the traditional speak out. The meeting began nearly an hour late as the Control Board met in executive session. After the speak-out, Stephen Lisauskas, Executive Director of the Control Board, presented

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Tragedy and the Tragic…

It seems that around this time every year, when it looks like we might eke out the year with a low in homicides, we suddenly get a burst of violence that mars our image once more. The only news that ever makes it past the

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College Crackdown…

Folks, my apologies. I have once again gone another historic bout of vanishing. Alas, it is the end of the semester and I had to start caring about class about half way through, soooooo. Fear not, though. WMassP&I will return and always be here as